Motor homes are fitted with seat belts for six people including the driver. It is illegal to exceed the gross mass of the vehicle which is the sum of the mass of the vehicle, the mass of the passengers and the payload. The maximum payload including passengers is shown in the description of the models.


If traveling from abroad try to obtain a good quality large scale road map before you collect the motor home. Also, try to obtain other advice about road travel from a motoring organisation in your country. It is worth booking the first-night campsite in advance and choosing somewhere close to us if you have already had a long journey.

“Wild camping” is not strictly legal as technically you should always seek the landowner’s permission to stay overnight but as long as you are not blocking a gateway or causing a nuisance we have stayed at some great rest areas, viewpoints or beach areas without a problem.

Overnight halts are allowed in Motorway service areas in the heavy goods vehicle but it can be noisy at all hours. Fire regulations do not permit the use of gas appliances. Welcome Break and Road Chef do not publish their charges.

Most of the caravan parks are wheelchair accessible for disabled caravanners.

A fire extinguisher and fire blanket are fitted to all our motor homes. You must turn off the gas at the bottle before traveling and are advised to bring your own first aid kit.

Traffic Rules

Road signs are usually the standard international signs. This is essential for driving. Many shops (including those at airports) sell it.

Traffic roundabouts are unique to roads, traffic coming from the right has priority and you only may overtake other vehicles on the right.

Make sure that you understand parking restrictions.

The speed limits for our motor homes are not the same as cars. Motor homes over 3500 kgs have some minor restrictions. 70 mph is the maximum on motorways but on dual carriageways the maximum is restricted to 60 mph and to 50 mph on single carriageways unless there signs which display specific speed restrictions. Beware there has been an increase in the number of speed camera used on major roads and motorways.

If you want to look at other varieties of motor homes such as the 4wd vision, 4wd spirit, 4wd & 6wd discovery visit Explorer Motorhomes.